I’ve written about many things but I find discussing myself is the most difficult. The truth is, I hate it. Fictional characters are easy to jazz up into something relatively amusing. It’s just not as easy to do the same for me.

I suppose my problem lies with the fact that I find myself dreadfully boring. I’m not a gunslinger, pirate, or CIA agent. I wasn’t raised by wolves or Inuits in a barren wasteland. My parents were good to me and I don’t have a lifetime of desperate situations to draw from. Not that I envy hardship, but it seems like the best authors are/were as screwed up as a Gillian Flynn protagonist.

I also have terrible ADD. Case in point, I’ve take six breaks from writing this paragraph to play with my dog, Zeus. Every time he brings me that slobbered up, powder blue Kong, I just can’t resist. Why does that make me so grossly inefficient when writing about myself? I don’t know, but it seemed apropos to mention.

When I’ve got little to say I filibuster. For instance, this biography is already dragging on too long for my tastes and I still haven’t offered any legitimate tidbits about my life. If you’re still interested then you are either a saint or just looking to kill five minutes before quitting time.

So anyway, my name is Austin Waller and I’m from the thriving metropolis that is The Northern Virginia. I know that doesn’t make sense, and no one actually refers to it as The Northern Virginia, but whatever, it’s my blog.

I have a BA in a degree that couldn’t get me a job and an MA I got for a similar reason. Despite my educational failings I’ve found a way to remain gainfully employed for a decent streak of a few years. I bounced around some various industries before settling in marketing and business operations. It keeps me busy and my employer is great. I still have enough free time to drone on this website that probably only my wife reads when there aren’t any soaps left on the DVR.

The only constant that I’ve had for the past 15 years or so is writing. I’ve written academically, professionally, and recreational-ly. A few years ago I rediscovered a long lost passion for fiction. Since then I’ve churned out a number of short stories and 1.5 novels.

As with every writer in the world not named Stephen King, I’m insanely insecure about my work. It’s taken me a long time to get to where I’m ready to put my stuff out there full blast. Well, maybe half blast. I launched this website to connect with other professionals and see if my writing is good enough for publication. I also want to share my experiences to maybe help some other writers achieve their goals. Whether either happens remains to be seen.

In conclusion, I don’t know how my story ends, but so far I’m enjoying the journey (wow, how¬†clich√© is that?).