My New Project

I have not found time for blogging for a number of reasons. First, my wife and I are expecting our first child any day now. Second, I’ve been busy getting our home ready, spending much of my time finishing our basement. And lastly, I took a new job and am working to get accustomed to […]

Set One Hour For Writing

If you read any literary blogs, you will almost always see writers discuss the important of setting aside time to write. I couldn’t agree more, but it is easier said than done. We all have lives and some, like me, have day jobs. When I begin writing I’m immersed but am often distracted. My solution […]

My Latest Novel, ‘A Life Eternal,’ Is Done!

And now comes the hard part – editing and rewriting! With 118 chapters and 88,000 words, my second novel is done. Well, done in the sense I have finished the bulk of writing. I still have to edit and do any necessary rewrites. But the story is complete and I am excited. The process took […]

Book Review: Dune by Frank Herbert

Dune by Frank Herbert My rating: 5 of 5 stars Dune is simply one of the greatest science fiction books ever written. At its most basic foundations, the story follows the spiritual, physical, and mental growth of the hero, Paul. You could see it as a parable for growing into adulthood, but that might doscount […]

Book Review: The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan My rating: 4 of 5 stars The Wheel of Time is one of the more popular fantasy series. It is well written, full of action and intrigue, and a necessary read for the fantasy afficionado. The main criticism I have is the overt similarities to the Lord […]