My Latest Novel, ‘A Life Eternal,’ Is Done!

writingAnd now comes the hard part – editing and rewriting!

With 118 chapters and 88,000 words, my second novel is done. Well, done in the sense I have finished the bulk of writing. I still have to edit and do any necessary rewrites. But the story is complete and I am excited.

The process took longer than I anticipated due to some unexpected life changes and setbacks. Luckily, things are back on track and I was able to find enough time to get it done.

I will not put down every observation but I just wanted to point out that my story ended up very differently than I had planned. I imagine this is a common symptom of writing a novel. The main character drove the story for me. And I could not be happier with the result. I cannot wait to see the polished product and begin shopping it to literary agents.

Although I have a few more book ideas I am going to focus on writing short stories. I would like to have a few published so I can get my name out there to some agents and those in the industry.

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