When Life Gets In The Way

When I first started this blog I promised myself I wouldn’t let it go away due to lack of effort. I had a good job with enough built in free time that I could dutifully dedicate time to promoting my writing. Sadly, as life often does, fate determined a radical course correction.

I lost my day job which threw everything into flux. Suddenly I had to spend every waking moment trying to find other employment. Seeing as I’m not yet a famous author with millions of adoring fans (I think I’m currently at 1, and she’s married to me) I didn’t have the resources to write fulltime.

Any¬†writer struggling trying to ‘make it’ must feel my pain. We must survive before we can succeed in the craft we yearn to excel in as a career. I love hearing stories about writers before they were big. Earnest Hemingway well documented his struggles with borderline poverty in Paris. Kurt Vonnegut was a used car salesman. Stephen King was a janitor. The list goes on and on. The amount of people who try and fail far outweighs those deemed successful.

As it is now, I’ve secured new employment. I’m happy to report it puts me and my family in a much better situation. Furthermore, I’m ready to resume my quest to become a successful published author. I’ve carved out a time later this month where I’m going to attempt to finish my novel. I estimate I’ve got around 30,000-40,000 words left to write before edits. I’m excited to see how it turns out.

I’ll happily update you on the progess.

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